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Born in Manhattan and raised in Beirut, Panté has translated his early influences of trance and Middle Eastern music into a unique melodic house blend that has proved mesmerizing and captivating with his initial releases on the globally-acclaimed Dutch label Armada Music. 

He takes inspiration since his early deck-spinning days which started as early as 15 years old, allowing him to perfect his craft and arming him today with a unique taste in music that almost always includes an arsenal of classics and nostalgics while leaving a lasting impression on the unsuspecting crowd. 

Back in NYC, his musical journey is still considered in its early stages and while his productions are still raw and ripe for the picking, his releases have seen support from the likes of Vintage Culture, Leftwing : Kody and Pretty Pink among others.

Relive my set @ Webster Hall.

This had to be one of my top shows so far. Hope you enjoy it.


Friday Returns yet again!

Welcoming to back for another Friday night presentation: The Lullaby.

Performing at our eclectic space are Firewire b2b Nacho Isa with special guest 

Eyal, Samantha Liza b2b Panté

Join us as we embark on our Musical Voyage to Paradise!


Presents THE LULLABY January 28th | 11pm
JAN 28

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